portable flow rate meter

LGQT portable current meter is developed for the specific measurement of the flow rate for the hydrometric station, factories and mines, environment-protection monitoring station, irrigation and drainage on the farmland and hydrogeology survey, etc. LGQT intelligent current meter can be equipped with the new sensor of the flow rate rotating propeller. The sensor is developed by the advanced technology at the end of 2004. The helical angle, thread pitch, craftsmanship and materials are all been redesigned., the initial velocity ≤1cm/s. Indicators like initial velocity, measurement range, linearity, concentricity, the Calibration coefficients and mean variance are been greatly improved. The measurement range of the flow velocity: 1~400cm/s and that of sampling time: 1~99 seconds. The device is simple and convenient, energy saving, stable and reliable. It possesses complete functions and a high automaticity in accordance with the national measurement standard of open channel. Equipped with a rotating propeller which can endure 80 ℃, it is a new portable current meter in China. Figure 1 Installation diagram of the portable current meter

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