Partially filled electromagnetic flow meter application

 Partially filled electromagnetic flow meter application

The measuring channel of the partically filled pipe electromagnetic flowmeter with a smooth straight pipe, which will not be blocked, so it is especially suitable for measuring liquid-solid two-phase fluids containing solid particles, such as pulp, mud, sewage, etc. Installing a non-full pipe electromagnetic flowmeter will not raise the water level upstream, so it will not cause water head loss.

The parts of the partically filled flowmeter only have a pair of electrodes, so there is no downtime for maintenance. The lining of the flow tube is wear-resistant and has good corrosion resistance.

The liquid level in the pipe that can be measured by the partial-pipe electromagnetic flowmeter is 10% to 100% of the cross-section. It can maintain good measurement accuracy in the case of partial-pipe and full-pipe flow. This is a breakthrough in the development of electromagnetic flow meter.

In partial tube measurement, the liquid level in the measuring tube usually fluctuates. These fluctuations, especially when it is on the level of the electrode, can cause fluctuations in the sensor output signal. The fuzzy logic and special filter circuit contained in the liquid level measurement system solve this problem well, which ensures that the flowmeter still has a stable measurement value display even when the medium flow is unstable or the flow distribution changes.

It can be seen that with the continuous increase in environmental governance, the application prospect of non-full pipe flow meter in sewage measurement is very broad. However, non-full-pipe electromagnetic flow meters also have some problems that have not yet been fully resolved:

(1) The partially filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter can only be used for flow measurement of round pipes.

(2) The sewage treatment fee charged by the sewage treatment unit is constant times or even more than ten times the price of clean domestic and industrial water. Although the measurement accuracy of the non-full pipe electromagnetic flowmeter is greatly improved compared with the traditional pipeline flowmeter, if it is used as a trade settlement device, the instrument accuracy still needs to be further improved.

(3) Since there is no production of non-full-tube electromagnetic flowmeters in China, foreign manufacturers and their agents charge very high prices, which are more than 2 to 3 times that of traditional meters, which brings certain difficulties to the popularization of non-full-tube electromagnetic flowmeter.



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