Orifice Plate Differential Pressure Flow Meter

            Orifice Plate Differential Pressure Flow Meter
1. The application range of differential pressure flow meters is particularly wide. Various tools are used in the flow measurement of
 closed pipes, such as fluids: single-phase, mixed-phase, clean, dirty, viscous flow, etc.;
Working conditions: normal pressure, high pressure, vacuum, normal temperature, high temperature, low temperature, etc.; pipe diameter: 
from a few mm to several m; flow conditions: subsonic speed, sound speed, pulsating flow, etc.
Its consumption in various industrial sectors accounts for about 1/4 to 1/3 of all flow meters.
A throttling device is installed on the gas flow pipe, which is equipped with an orifice plate, and a circular hole is opened in the center. 
Its diameter is smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe. The gas flows forward steadily in front of the orifice plate.
When the gas flows through the orifice plate, the pore size becomes smaller and the cross-sectional area shrinks, so that the stable flow 
condition is disrupted, so the flow rate will change, the speed will increase, and the static pressure of the gas will decrease.
As a result, a pressure drop occurs before and after the orifice, that is, differential pressure (the pressure in the place where the front 
section of the orifice is large is large, and the pressure in the place where the section through the orifice is small is small).
The size of the differential pressure has a definite numerical relationship with the flow of the good body, that is, when the flow is large, 
the differential pressure is large, and when the flow is small, the differential pressure is small. The flow rate is proportional to the square 
root of the differential pressure.
The differential pressure flowmeter is a meter that calculates the flow rate based on the differential pressure generated by the flow test piece 
installed in the pipeline, the known fluid conditions and the geometric dimensions of the test piece and the pipeline.


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