Open Channel Ultrasonic Flow Meter Application

Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is used with the corresponding parshall flume, triangular weir, rectangular weir and other weirs,making full use
of the law of ultrasonic propagation in the air to accurately measure the height of the liquid level, and continuously transmit the liquid level information
to the main display. Through the computing system, the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow are automatically measured and stored.
In many non-full water, large flow (or low flow), the flow of fluid is accurately measured under the state of free surface of natural flow, so it is open
channel flow detection. In view of the open channel flow is too large or too small, a certain degree of corrosiveness or inclusion of impurities in the
fluid usually appears, it is very difficult to use ordinary pipeline flow meters to detect the flow. For example, in the fields of industrial enterprise drainage,
hospital wastewater, agricultural irrigation water, urban underground water drainage, etc. Open channel flow detection, especially non-contact ultrasonic
open channel flowmeter is a commonly used device. 
Recently we received order from our client to measure hospital waste water.  Picture as below:


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