Notes on radar level gauge installation

Whether the radar level gauge can measure correctly depends on the reflected wave signal. If at the
selected installation position, the liquid level cannot reflect the electromagnetic wave back to the radar
antenna or there is an interference object reflecting the interference wave to the radar level gauge within
the range of the signal wave, the radar level gauge cannot correctly reflect the actual liquid level. 
Therefore, the reasonable choice of installation location is very important for the radar level gauge. 
Pay attention to the following points during installation:
(1) The axis of the radar level gauge antenna should be perpendicular to the reflective surface of the liquid
(2) The stirring valve in the tank, the adhesion of the groove wall and the steps and other objects, if within 
the signal range of the radar level gauge, will produce interference reflected waves, affecting the liquid
level measurement. Choose the appropriate installation location during installation to avoid interference from these factors. 
(3) The horn of the horn type radar level gauge should exceed the inner surface of the mounting hole by a
certain distance (>10mm). The antenna of the rod level gauge should extend beyond the mounting hole, and
the length of the mounting hole should not exceed 100 mm. For round or elliptical containers, it should be placed
at a distance of 1/2R (R) from the center of the container)



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