Non-contact radar level meter advantages

 Non-contact radar level meter advantages

In recent years, the non-contact radar level meter has great advantages in the fields of dust material, volatile liquid, and pressure vessel level measurement.
Features and advantages of non-contact radar level meter during use:

I. Continuous and accurate measurement

Since the non-contact radar level meter does not contact the measured medium, Hardly affected by measuring mediums temperature, pressure, status, etc., the measurement results are accurate.

II. Easy maintenance and simple operation
The non-contact radar level meter has the functions of fault alarm and self-diagnosis, convenient maintenance and simple operation.

III. Wide range of application
Non-contact measurement, good directionality, small transmission loss, and many measurable media.

IV. Simple installation
In various industrial applications, the radar level meter can be directly installed on the top of the storage tank, and the advantages of simple installation and other advantages have become the preferred choice for the measurement.


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