New arrival-The fluorescent dissolved oxygen meter

New arrival-The fluorescent dissolved oxygen meter

The fluorescent dissolved oxygen meter is an online water quality monitor with a microprocessor. The fluorescent dissolved oxygen probe consists of three parts: an optical path system, a fluorescent sensitive film and an optical detection system. After the probe is inserted into the medium to be measured, the oxygen in the medium immediately diffuses into the organic silicon molecular layer and reaches equilibrium quickly. The modulated blue light is hit on the fluorescent layer, and the fluorescent molecules produce red fluorescence. The fluorescent molecules are quenched after encountering oxygen, and the fluorescence intensity and response time change with the oxygen content. Oxygen content was determined by detecting changes in fluorescence response time. It is widely used in continuous monitoring of industrial water, domestic water and sewage treatment, and aquaculture. Continuous monitoring and control of oxygen content in aqueous solutions.
The instrument adopts LCD liquid crystal display; intelligent Chinese menu operation; free setting of measuring range, high and low over-limit alarm prompt and two sets of relay control switches, adjustable hysteresis range; automatic or manual temperature compensation, automatic electrode calibration. This product supports HART communication, built-in GPRS, LORA, NB, GPS, Bluetooth and other wireless data transmission, supports SD card storage or USB storage, built-in printing, and can also add modules to achieve other functions according to customer needs.

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