new arrival ph meter

New arrival ph meter

PH meter is a brand-new pH analyzer of our company.

This meter is a highly intelligent online continuous monitoring instrument, which consists of two parts: sensor and secondary meter. It can be equipped with three composite electrodes or two composite electrodes to meet various application sites.
Equipped with pure water and ultrapure water electrodes, it can be used for pH measurement of water quality with conductivity less than 3µS/cm (such as chemical make-up water, saturated steam, condensed water, etc.).
It can be widely used in continuous pH monitoring of various water quality in industries such as electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection, medicine and food.
This product supports HART communication, built-in GPRS, LORA, NB, GPS, Bluetooth and other wireless data transmission, supports SD card storage or USB storage, built-in printing, and can also add modules to achieve other functions according to customer needs.

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