New arrival Multi-channel ultrasonic flow meter

 Multi-channel ultrasonic flow meter

Multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter is a speed type flowmeter that adopts the time difference method to measure the flow rate of the medium obtained by measuring the propagation time difference of the ultrasonic pulse in the measured medium. It can be widely used for the flow measurement of raw water, tap water, industrial water, cooling circulating water, demineralized water, sewage, seawater and other media.

High precision, up to 0.5 level (no need for real flow calibration)

Straight pipe section requirements, only three times the diameter of the straight pipe section can be measured upstream and downstream (3, 5, 10 sound path)

It can measure metal pipes, concrete pipes, culverts and other pressure pipes of various shapes, and can use any combination of 3, 5 or 10 sound paths according to the requirements of pipeline conditions and measurement accuracy, without damaging the flow field and without pressure loss.

Full-featured, with intelligent diagnostic functions and a variety of output interfaces to choose from.

The digital signal processing technology and error correction technology adopted by the measuring host enable the instrument to work stably and reliably in various complex industrial environments.

High cost performance, according to the actual needs of users, providing multiple choices.

Features of multi-channel ultrasonic flowmeter:

High-precision measurement;

Low flow rate is good (P seconds time measurement technology);

Set through the center channel to measure symmetric and asymmetric flow patterns;

Reproduce the true flow rate by double integration of flow rate and cross-section, using the function interpolation method to minimize the integration error time measurement technology, the measurement cycle is fast, not affected by fluid pulsation

Online continuous flow installation and maintenance technology with pressure;

Bidirectional measurement;

Large measuring range (0.02m / s ~ 20m / s);

Nominal diameter DN25 ~ DN15000mm;

The required upstream and downstream straight pipe sections are short (upstream 5D, downstream 2D);

No pressure loss;

Dry calibration (online calibration) technology;

Self-diagnostic technology;

Redundancy technology;

The performance of the transducer is reliable, and the service life is more than 10 years;



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