Prepaid ultrasonic BTU meter

 Lora Prepaid Ultrasonic BTU Meter 

Lora prepaid ultrasonic btu meter is a meter for measuring heat. Its main components are paired temperature sensor, ultrasonic flow meter and calculator, as shown in the figure below. Paired temperature sensors measure the temperature of incoming and returning water. Ultrasonic flow meter measures the flow of fluid flowing through the pipeline, that is, the ultrasonic transducer is used to send and receive ultrasonic waves, and the propagation time difference between the forward and reverse flow media is detected to measure the flow rate of the medium, and then the flow rate is calculated by the flow rate. These two data are collected and sent to the calculator to calculate the heat used by the user and displayed on the LCD. LoRa meters use advanced wireless network transmission technology to achieve remote meter reading, concentrators, and computers.

Main Features

● The pipe section is a straight-through one-piece structure, manufactured by forging and pressing technology, and the material is forged brass.

 The product uses high-quality piezoelectric ceramic transducers to ensure high

accuracy and stability.

● There is no mechanical movement, no abrasion, it is not easily affected by

impurities, chemicals and magnetic materials in the medium, and the operation is

stable and reliable; the measurement accuracy is not affected by the use cycle.

 The matched temperature sensor uses Pt1000 high-precision platinum resistance

to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

● Adopt special ultrasonic detection chip, with higher precision.

 Using ultra-low power single chip microcomputer, static power consumption is extremely small. With the special lithium battery, the service life of the battery can be guaranteed to reach 6 years.

 The LCD displays related parameters such as heat and temperature for easy reading.

 It has the functions of self-diagnosis, fault display and power-off protection.

 Beautiful appearance; single-button design, simple operation; the display part can be

rotated 360 degrees, and the reading is convenient.

 It has the functions of dustproof, moistureproof and anti-disassembly. 

Except lora prepaid ultrasonic BTU meter, we also have standard ultrasonic BTU meter, electromagnetic BTU meter, etc, also have various kinds of flow meter and level meter, feel free to contact for further more info.


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