Metal Tube Rotameter Installation

Metal Tube Rotameter Installation

1. Remote type flow meter need to be earth grounded to get good electromagnetic compatibility.

2. Upstream section ≥DN and downstream ≥250mm to eliminate the whirlpool effect.

3. The welding slag in the pipeline must be cleaned, and there mustn't be any magnetic particles in the magnetic coupling part.

4. When install anti-corrosion type flow meter, the strength should be moderately when fasten bolts of flanges to avoid damage to the sealing surface.

5. Please properly handle the waterproof problem of the cable connector to prevent rainwater from entering the case.

6. If there's magnetic particles in the medium, magnetic filter should be installed in the inlet. If there's non-magnetic particles, filter should be installed. If there is bubbles, exhaust should be installed.

7. Control valve should be installed in the downstream of flow meter. Working pressure should be more than pressure loss to make sure flow meter can work stably.

8. If medium is pulsating flow, a buffer device should be installed.

9. Open the control valve slowly to avoid damaging to the flow meter.

10. If pressure is unstable, especially for gas, a damping structure should be adopted.


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