Main features of the precession vortex flowmeter

 Main features of the preccession vortex flowmeter
Precession vortex flowmeter has no mechanical moving parts, corrosion resistance, stable and reliable, long life,
long-term operation without special maintenance;

1. Mechatronics is realized, and the daily measurement process does not need to be manually 
2. The process installation conditions are not harsh, the upper and downstream straight pipe 
sections of the instrument can be greatly shortened compared with the orifice plate and the vortex flowmeter;
3. The measurement accuracy of the system can meet the current trade measurement requirements (≤1.5%);
4. The flow measurement range is wide (qmax/qmin=15~20), which can work effectively in some 
small flow areas where the orifice plate and vortex flowmeter cannot be involved;
5, small size, light weight, offline calibration is more convenient;
6. The measurement signal can be displayed either locally or on demand;
7. Instrument management personnel do not need professional training, and the measurement 
parameters such as flow, pressure and temperature can be directly read from the meter head, and 
conversion conversion is not necessary;


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