Liquid Flow Calibration Testing Bench System

 Liquid Flow Calibration Testing Bench System

Based on the requirements of JJG164-2000 standards, the flow calibration bench is desinged by adopting the lastest technology of world. After the technical evaluation and users experience, facts have proved that our product is accurate, reliable, practical and cost-effective.

Main Applications:

1. The test of different kinds of liquid flow meters in National and provincial calibration center, which includes new product approval identification, first test, periodic inspection, arbitration inspection and supervision etc.

2. Usered in the measurement center of large and medium-sized enterprises for all types of liquid flow meter acceptance, maintenance or test, it is widely used in the industry of petrochemical, metallurgy, water treatment, electricity and urban water supply etc.

3. The product performance adjustment and calibration before shipping in the flow measurement instrument manufacturing plant.


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