Lightning protection work to the electromagnetic flow meter

 Lightning protection work to the electromagnetic flow meter in the thunderstorm-prone season

Summer thunderstorms are more frequent, and they have a very large threat to electromagnetic flow meters. A number of lightning strikes may cause damage to the converter. Therefore, the electromagnetic flow meter must be well protected.

1. Multi-strand copper insulated conductors whose grounding wire length of the arrester cannot exceed 1 m and the cross-sectional area is greater than 6 mm. If there is no ground net nearby, a simple ground net should be made near the lightning protection. The specific method can be referred to the following: use three flat steel or angle steel with a length of 1.5 meters, and drive into the ground in a regular triangle arrangement. The flat steel is welded, and the screw plug is welded at one corner, and then the grounding wire of the arrester is connected.

2. The signal cable between the converter and the sensor should not exceed 50 meters, and the signal cable must be sheathed with a galvanized tube. If the galvanized pipe is in the air, the galvanized pipe should be reliably grounded with a wire with a grounding resistance of less than 10.

3. The electromagnetic flow meter is powered by 220V AC. An air switch is installed in the instrument box. The arrester and the air switch are connected in parallel. The wire is connected from the air switch and then connected to a three-terminal socket.

4. Grounding protection may have been heard by everyone, but its role is not clear to everyone. In an environment without lightning strikes, whether or not grounding has little effect on the flow meter measurement, but if there is lightning strike or interference at the installation site, it will affect its measurement. It can even damage the electromagnetic flow meter.

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