Installation requirement of metal tube rotameter

 1. The metal tube float flowmeter must be installed vertically on a vibration-free pipeline.  The fluid flows through the
flow meter from bottom to top, and the verticality is better than 2°, and the horizontal angle is better than 2° when
installed horizontally.
2. In order to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of the flowmeter and cleaning the measuring pipeline, the
metal tube float flowmeter installed on the process pipeline should be equipped with a bypass pipeline and a bypass valve.
3. There should be a straight pipe section with a length of more than 5 times the pipe diameter at the entrance of the
metal tube float flowmeter, and a 250mm straight pipe section at the outlet.
4. If the medium contains ferromagnetic substances, a magnetic filter should be installed; if the medium contains solid
mpurities, a filter should be installed between the valve and the straight pipe section.
5. When used for gas measurement, ensure that the pipeline pressure is not less than 5 times the pressure loss of the
flowmeter to make the float work stably.
6. When measuring gas, if the gas is directly discharged to the atmosphere at the outlet of the flow meter, a valve should
be installed at the outlet of the meter, otherwise it will produce a pressure drop at the float and cause data distortion.



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