Installation precautions for Kaifeng electromagnetic flowmeter when measuring slurry

 Installation precautions for Kaifeng electromagnetic flowmeter when measuring slurry

1. Special installation requirements of electromagnetic flowmeter in slurry First of all, to analyze the special installation requirements of electromagnetic flowmeter, first of all, it is necessary to understand the difference between this electromagnetic flowmeter and some other flowmeters in terms of characteristics, electromagnetic flowmeter The characteristic of the flowmeter is that it adopts Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, and the measurement method is mainly carried out by direct measurement.

2. It is recommended to use the electromagnetic flowmeter in Kaifeng during the test run of a single machine. It is necessary to strictly remind the installation and use method, and it is forbidden to transmit electricity to the electromagnetic flowmeter. The electromagnetic flowmeter needs to be powered off and then cleaned, mainly to clean the pipelines in it, so as to avoid the weakening of the effect caused by the magnetic field formed by the excitation of the sensor inside the electromagnetic flowmeter attracting the surrounding rust. In the normal operation stage, if some fluctuations or disturbances are found in the electromagnetic flowmeter, it is necessary to analyze the reasons. The main reasons can be summarized as the following aspects: fluctuation factors caused by the pump, mainly because the coal slurry pump is in If an abnormal working effect occurs during a certain working time, it is unlikely that the overall flow value will change, but the fluctuation amount will also change greatly due to the change of flow pulsation.

3. Special processing of electromagnetic flowmeters During the special processing of electromagnetic flowmeters, special materials such as manganese alloys should be used to make protective erosion and wear sleeves. In view of the interference of ferromagnetic properties, it is necessary to perform magnetic filtration of coal-water slurry. If economic conditions permit, stainless steel pipelines can be used, and the interior of the electromagnetic flowmeter should be inspected and cleaned regularly. For the parameter setting of the electromagnetic flowmeter, it cannot be performed according to the parameters measured during the installation conditions, and the sensitivity cannot be sacrificed to compensate for the fluctuation caused by the pulsating flow. It is recommended that the overall blocking time should not be within the range of 30 seconds. It is worth mentioning that only in the process of protection and maintenance, can the corresponding electromagnetic flow parameters be determined, and the strengths and advantages of its measurement parameters can be exerted.


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