Installation of Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Installation of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Transducers are made of piezoelectric crystals both for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic signals through the wall of liquid piping system. The measurement is realized by measuring the traveling time difference of the ultrasonic signals. Since the difference is very short, the spacing and the alignment of the transducers are critical factors to the accuracy of the measurement and the performance of the system. Meticulous care should be taken for the installation of the transducers.


Steps to the installation of the transducers

◆(1)Locate an optimum position where the straight pipe length is sufficient, and where pipes are in a favorable condition, e.g., newer pipes without rust and ease of operation.

◆(2)Clean any dust and rust. For a better result, polishing the pipe with a sander is strongly recommended.

◆(3)Apply adequate couplant to the spot where the transducers are to be installed and leave no gap between the pipe surface and the transducers.

Extra care should be taken to avoid any sand or dust particles left between the pipe outer surface and the transducers.

To avoid gas bubbles inside the upper part of the pipe, the transducers should be installed horizontally by the side of the pipe.


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