How to use and maintain gas turbine flow meter

 How to use and maintain gas turbine flow meter

The gas turbine flowmeter has high accuracy and is especially suitable for trade measurement. However, you must pay special attention during use, otherwise it will cause more or less damage to the gas turbine flowmeter. Here is suggestion how to use and maintain

1. Before the turbine flowmeter is put into operation, it is necessary to set the meter coefficient first, and carefully check to make sure that the flowmeter is connected correctly and the grounding is good.

2. Clean, check and recalibrate the flowmeter regularly. For flowmeters equipped with lubricating oil or cleaning liquid injection ports, lubricating oil or cleaning liquid should be injected regularly according to the requirements of the manual to maintain the good operation of the impeller.

3. Monitor and display the status of the instrument, evaluate and display the reading of the instrument, and check if there is any abnormality.

4. Keep the filter unblocked. The filter is blocked by impurities, which can be judged from the increase in the pressure gauge readings at its inlet and outlet. If the blockage occurs, remove it in time, otherwise, it will seriously reduce the flow.

5. For large flow trade settlement measurement, in order to ensure the accuracy of the flowmeter, the flowmeter must be calibrated frequently. The site should be equipped with online calibration equipment, or equipped with a movable calibration device. Although the one-time investment is relatively large, it is worth considering the long-term economic benefits.


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