How to solve vortex flow sensor problem?

1. The pipeline type vortex flowmeter is a vortex flowmeter with temperature and pressure compensation. The temperature
and pressure display on the flow totalizer are basically the same as other working vortex flowmeters, so the temperature
sensor is excluded. It is suspected that it is a problem with the flow totalizer. Replace it with a flowtotalizer that works normally
in other pipelines. If the display is still normal, the problem with the totalizer is eliminated.
2. In order to eliminate the electromagnetic interference problem of the vortex flowmeter, the connecting wire was replaced with
a shielded wire. The result still cannot be displayed normally. The problem should be on the sensor. Remove the vortex flow
sensor and return to the factory for repair.
3. The circuit board is intact after testing, and the problem should be on the piezoelectric probe. Replace with a brand-new probe,
the result is good after inspection.



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