How to prevent dust and corrosion during use of radar level meter

When measuring outdoors, the measuring instrument is exposed to sunlight and rain for a long time, and it is easy to wear. Therefore, the radar liquid level also needs maintenance to prevent dust and corrosion, thereby prolonging its service life.

1. How to prevent dust
It is easy to dust the instrument from the outside. Just add a protective layer on the outside of the radar level gauge, or put it in a sealed box to protect the instrument to a greater extent. For the dust, impurities and particles contained in the tested medium, such safety measures are in addition to impurities.
When entering the country, it is necessary to take measures such as dust reduction, and usually add induced draft fans, blowing devices and protective screens.
2. How to prevent corrosion
Compared with dust, anti-corrosion maintenance has become more complicated, so you should consider whether you need anti-corrosion when choosing a model. The fundamental way to prevent the corrosion of the radar level gauge is to choose acid and alkali resistant synthetic materials, among which the common ones are made of polytetrafluoroethylene and sealing rubber ring
In addition, the anti-corrosion technology seen in the industry is the adhesion on the radar level gauge. It can be divided into three types, classified according to different materials and formation mechanisms of the protective layer. **Class: Get good results through safety measures such as spraying, electroplating, hot-dip plating, carburizing, etc.
The conductivity. The second category: good non-conductivity, used to protect the radar level gauge of paint, rubber, plastic and enamel.
3. Metal or non-metal forms a protective layer: the surface of the glass is processed to form a hydroxide film, calcium phosphate film and other film protection.
When the radar level gauge is facing strong corrosive gas; it is difficult to use pipeline isolation or container isolation in the measurement location; the isolation liquid or filling liquid should be isolated from the measured medium through the anti-aging diaphragm; so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion. However, this method is usually suitable for pressure detection.
But it is not suitable for differential pressure measurement. By blowing in air or other argon gas, it is used to isolate the corrosiveness of the measured medium to the radar level gauge. This method is used to measure the liquid level under normal pressure or low pressure, and will not interact with the measured medium.


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