How to Maintain Turbine Flow Meter

 How to Maintain Turbine Flow Meter?

The turbine flow meter can be used to measure the flow and total flow of liquid. It is widely used  in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and scientific research. Sanitary type can be used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The following are important points for the maintenance of the turbine flow meter:
1. Keep the measured medium clean and free of impurities such as fibers and particles.
2. When the turbine flow meter starts to use, it should be filled with the medium, then open the outlet valve (the valve should be installed at the back end of the flow meter). It should be avoided being impacted by the high-speed fluid without medium.
3. The maintenance period of the turbine flow sensor is generally half a year. When inspecting and cleaning, please be careful not to damage the parts inside the measuring chamber, especially the impeller. Pay attention to the guide and the impeller when assembly.
4. When the turbine flow is not in use, the medium should be cleaned up, and after drying, a protective cover is added at both ends of the sensor to prevent dust from entering, and then stored in a dry place.
5. The used filter should be cleaned regularly. When not in use, the internal medium should be cleaned. As with the sensor, add a dust jacket and store it in a dry place.
6. Before flow meter is installed, blow or hand the impeller to make it rotate quickly to see if there is any display. Install it when there is display. If there is no display, check the relevant parts and troubleshoot.


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