How to install battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter?

The battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter can meet the calculation of the water volume of the city's water supply. 
In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, there are a few things to pay attention to when using it. 
1. When transferring and hoisting the sensor, the sling should be placed at the neck position beside the flange at both ends of the sensor, and do not insert it into the measurement
and pipe for hoisting to avoid damage.
2. Before the device, the electrode in the sensor is carefully wiped with alcohol cotton on the surface of the electrode due to hand touch and other reasons.
3. When installing, the inner diameter of the sealing gasket should be the same as the inner diameter of the measuring tube fabric.
4. It is necessary to ensure that the junction box is dry, otherwise metering errors may occur in the meter.
5. Check the correctness of the device and wiring before putting the device into operation after wiring.
The above are a few suggestions that recommend to be paid attention to when using battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeters.


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