How to do oil injection for gas turbine flow meter?

 In the process of using gas turbines, it is known to periodically inject lubricating oil into the gas vortex flowmeter. So how to do it?
1. Gas turbine flowmeter oil filling method: press the manual lever of the oil pump by hand until it stops, so that the same oil pressure can be formed
every time. Pressing the manual lever down once means one stroke of the oil pump piston.
2. Gas turbine flowmeter oil filling cycle: fill the turbine flowmeter with special turbine oil every 3 months. Refueling once a month, such as the urban
pipe network, where the pressure is relatively low, refueling once every 3 months.
3. Oil filling capacity of gas turbine flowmeter: 4 strokes/each time. Each substation should refuel strictly according to the refueling cycle and refueling
volume of the turbine flowmeter, and fill the results into the turbine flowmeter technical file.
4. The oil pump must be isolated from water (note whether the stickers or screws on the cover of the oil filler hole are tightly tightened).
5. Check the turbine flowmeter, thermometer, and pressure gauge every 2 hours, monitor the flowmeter for noise, check the meter counter for card
counts, discontinuous records, etc. If you find an abnormality, please immediately consult and switch the flowmeter .
Note: When using for the first time, the oil path from the oil pump to the bearing needs to be filled with lubricating oil


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