How to choose ultrasonic flow meter?

 How to choose ultrasonic flow meter?

1. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter

It is suitable for temporary measurement, mainly used to check the running status of other flow meters installed on the pipeline, conduct a fluid balance test in an area, and check the current flow of the pipeline. If not for fixed installation, it is convenient and economical to choose portable ultrasonic flowmeter.

2. Inline ultrasonic flowmeter

The accuracy is the highest, up to ±0.5%, and it is not limited by pipe material and lining, and is suitable for occasions with high flow measurement accuracy requirements. However, as the pipe diameter increases, the cost will also increase. Under normal circumstances, it is more economical to choose a pipe section ultrasonic flowmeter with a small and medium diameter.

3. Fixed ultrasonic flowmeter

If there is enough installation space, use a plug-in transducer instead of an externally attached transducer, that is, a fixed ultrasonic flowmeter can completely eliminate the influence of pipe lining, fouling and pipe wall on the ultrasonic signal attenuation, and the measurement stability is more stable. High, also greatly reduces the maintenance workload. Moreover, because the plug-in transducer can be installed continuously, its application is becoming more widespread.


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