How to choose suitable gas turbine flow meter

                                                       How to Select Suitable Gas Turbine Flow Meter

Gas turbine flow meter is one high accuracy flow rate measuring instruments for natural gas, and it is more and more popular right now, so how to select suitable gas turbine flow meter is what we need consider about, please see below points:

1. Accuracy level: while choose the flow meter for measuring natural gas,if it is for trade settlement, gas turbine will be the best choice, if for precess control, precession vortex flow meter will be better choice then.

2. Flow range: the flow range for gas turbine flow meter is also fixed, while choose the flow meter, need follow the different size flow range strictly to guarantee the accuracy.

3. Gas density: it has closed relaship with the flow meter K factor, if the gas density change frequently, we need to choose the gas turbine flow meter with temperature and pressure compensation accordingly.

4. Pressure loss: gas turbine has less pressure loss, it is usually used for low pressure and small flow velocity natural gas measuring, it could save the energy.

5. Bearing: gas turbine flow meter bearing has tungsten carbide, PTFE and carbon graphite three types, the natural gas turbine flow meter should choose tungsten carbide material is the best.  


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