Seven points of choosing ultrasonic BTU meter

 How to choose good ultrasonic BTU meter

Domestic BTU meter selects the ultrasonic heat meter. Although the initial input is a little more than the mechanical meter, in the later use, it is no longer necessary to pay for the wear and tear, and it is not necessary to bother with the maintenance work.

Most of the places where household heat meters are used are indoors. If mechanical watches are used, noise can be caused when the night is quiet. There is no such annoyance when using an ultrasonic heat meter.

Selection points of ultrasonic heat meter:

1. The main control parameters of ultrasonic heat meter are: nominal diameter DN, common flow, maximum flow, minimum flow, rated pressure, pressure loss, temperature range, temperature difference range, etc.

2. The ultrasonic flow sensor measures the flow rate by determining the flow rate of the heat medium by the difference in the transmission speed of the ultrasonic wave in the heat medium in the direction of the forward flow and the reverse flow. According to the sensor water flow channel mode, the ultrasonic flow sensor is divided into a single channel type and a U-shaped tube type.

3. The initial investment of ultrasonic heat meter is relatively high. The flow sensor of the instrument has the characteristics of high precision, small pressure loss, and not easy to block. However, the degree of corrosion of the wall of the flow sensor, the content of impurities in the water, the vibration of the pipeline and other factors will affect the flowmeter. Precision.

4. The specification of the flow sensor can not be selected simply according to the pipe diameter, but should be selected according to the common flow rate of the heat meter and the flow range under the heat meter working condition.

5. The minimum flow rate of the heat meter should be less than the minimum flow rate of the metered load; the maximum flow rate of the heat meter should be greater than the maximum flow rate of the metered load; the common flow rate of the heat meter should be close to the rated flow rate; the rated pressure of the heat meter should be The measured system pressure is consistent.

6. According to the application function requirements of the heat meter (such as household meter, building table, heat source meter, etc.), select the heat meter with the corresponding accuracy grade quality.

7. The accuracy of the heat meter used as the hot fee settlement should be higher than level 3. It should have the remote transmission function of heat metering data and the storage performance of daily heat supply for more than 180 days.


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