How to choose good thermal mass flow meter

 How to choose good thermal mass flow meter

Thermal mass flow meter is the best measuring instrument for various kinds of gases, which is usually used for small and low flow start rate, it is getting more and more popular among our clients right now, we have below three points while choose suitable thermal mass flow meter, pls check below:

1. We need to know as much as possible about the working conditions: flow range(flow unit choose NM3/H), measuring medium, pipe size, pipe material, process pressure, process temperature, need anti-explosive or not, flow meter working environment temperature, signal power requirements, accuracy level, for process control or trade settle? The measuring medium dryness and cleanliness, while measuring the mixed gases, the user need provide the each medium percentage.

2. Better select compact type flow meter compare with remote flow meter, for remote flow meter, the signal cable has resistance, also the measuring sensor resistance is small, so the cable resistance will influence the whole line calculation and process, considering the working site influence, resistance will have driffing, if must need remote type, the distance smaller, the better.

3. With low price thermal mass flow meter, the user should pay more attention to check whether the low price could guarantee good quality. 


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