How to choose good precession vortex flow meter


How to choose good precession vortex flow meter

Precession vortex flowmeter is a new type of gas flow meter with advanced micro-processing technology, strong function, wide flow range, simple operation and maintenance, convenient installation and use, and the main technical indicators reach the advanced level of similar foreign products.


Precession vortex flowmeter is widely used in natural gas, gas and other occupations. It has stable function, measurement and convenient installation. It is now determined that the vortex flowmeter should be selected, followed by the flow sensor standard and its supporting components. Selection is crucial. In a word, I dare to use it when I choose it. To this end, the two basic principles should be grasped in the selection process; that is, one must ensure the accuracy of the application, and the other must ensure the safety of production. To do this, it is necessary to implement three selection parameters, namely, the recent and long-term maximum, minimum and normal instantaneous flow, the planned pressure of the measured medium, and the operating pressure.

2. Well calibrated before installation

On the one hand, it is still difficult to consider the on-site verification of such flow sensors. In addition, if the purpose of the purchase is to prepare the flow sensor for comparison of important measurement occasions, such as the measurement of large-volume transaction measurement or measurement, and the use of on-line calibration. Conditions, then in this case, it is too early to judge that the flow sensor is fully qualified only by a factory-certified certificate supplied by the manufacturer at the time of purchase. Therefore, in order to ensure the reliability of the measurement results of the flow sensor in the future operation, it is necessary to send the flow sensor to the department with the verification capability and qualification in this aspect before the formal installation to carry out a system verification within the full flow range.

3. Make sure the technical device

Although this kind of flow sensor does not have too many special requirements for technical devices and operating environments, there is such a commonality in any type of flow measurement appearance, that is, to prevent oscillation and high temperature environment from disturbing the components with the flow state and sticking to the flow sensor as much as possible. The inner wall of the straight pipe section is lubricated straight and ensures that the measured medium is a clean single-phase fluid.

4. Strengthen the maintenance

Although the vortex flowmeter has many features of active disposal and micro-power consumption, it still needs to be strengthened after it is put into operation. For example, in order to ensure the long-term operation and reliability of the flow sensor, the system should be regularly calibrated, the meter data should be transcribed, the media parameters should be changed, the battery status should be checked from time to time, the flow sensor coefficient and the lead seal should be viewed.

5. Pay attention to internal protection

If the measuring chamber of the flow sensor and its components need to be regularly viewed or cleaned due to temperament or other reasons, then it is necessary to pay special attention to the vortex vortex flow sensor with the same standard vortex flow sensor. Core components such as fluids cannot be exchanged. Otherwise, the external measurement factor must be calibrated from the head and the temperature and pressure sensors associated with it must be systematically calibrated.


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