Three points of choosing gas turbine flow meter

How to choose good gas turbine flow meter

Gas turbine flow meter is the best measuring instrument for natural gas, with its high accuracy and stability, it is getting more and more popular among our clients right now, we have below three points while choose suitable gas turbine flow meter, pls check below:
1.Accuracy level: 
Choose gas turbine flow meter need to consider its high accuracy, but the higher accuracy of flow meter, the higher sensitivity of the working application, for large diameter natural gas transmission line, the flow meter should choose for trade settlement with good accuracy, for other occasion, choose flow meter with normal accuracy is ok. 
2.Max flow:
The max flow selection and its accuracy and usage life has big influence, each size flow meter should have its max flow, and the size is depend on the flow rate also. While choose suitable flow meter, the min flow should not less than the min flow rate table on the table, for example,the flow meter need to work for less than 8 hours from time to time, choose the 1.3 times of the max flow as the max flow, if the flow meter need to work for more than 8 hours, choose the 1.4 times of the max flow as the max flow, choose the 0.8 times of the min flow. 
3.Gas density:
For natural gas turbine flow meter, it has close relatship with the flow meter k factor, and it should be the low flow rate density. If the gas densith change frequently, we need to change the K factor flow rate. If the pressure loss: we need to choose turbine flow meter with small pressure loss, if the pressure loss is smaller, then the energy consumption from inlet and outlet is more less, will save the energy from great aspect, and increase the utilization.  


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