How to choose an integrated electromagnetic flowmeter

 How to choose an integrated electromagnetic flowmeter
Whether the electromagnetic flowmeter is scientific and reasonable can directly affect the accuracy of pipeline flow measurement and the service life of the instrument. How to choose an integrated electromagnetic flowmeter?
The selection of electromagnetic flowmeter is divided into the selection of caliber and range, the selection of temperature and pressure, the selection of lining material and electrode tree material,
1. The diameter of the converter is usually the same diameter as the piping system. If the piping system is to be designed, the diameter can be selected according to the flow range and flow rate. The range of the converter can be selected according to two principles: one is that the full scale of the instrument is greater than the expected maximum flow value; the other is that the normal flow is greater than 50% of the full scale of the instrument to ensure the corresponding measurement accuracy.
2. Selection of temperature and pressure The fluid pressure and temperature that can be measured by an electromagnetic flowmeter are limited accordingly. When selecting, the operating pressure must be lower than the working pressure specified by the flowmeter. If there are special requirements for the withstand voltage of the converter, it can be negotiated with the manufacturer. The operating temperature of the electromagnetic flowmeter depends on the lining material used
3. Selection of lining material and electrode tree material
4. The lining material and electrode material of the converter must be correctly selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the medium, otherwise the instrument will be damaged quickly due to the corrosion of the lining and electrode, and the leakage of the highly corrosive medium will easily cause accidents. The selection principle of electromagnetic flowmeter. During the selection process, we clearly understand the medium, pressure, temperature, flow rate, diameter and electrode material measured by the electromagnetic flowmeter. The selection is customized according to customer requirements. The standard configuration is 316L. For sewage measurement or corrosive media To explain in advance.


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