How to choose a vortex flowmeter

1. In general, a wafer flowmeter is recommended. It is more compact and less expensive than flanged flowmeters.
2. In hazardous areas, explosion-proof flowmeters should be used. Explosion-proof instruments are not allowed to be used in Class 0
   hazardous locations. At the same time, explosion-proof instruments are not allowed to open the case with a spot on the site for circuit
   adjustment. Therefore, users are strongly recommended to use intrinsically safe explosion-proof vortex flowmeters. Only consider the
   use of flameproof type flowmeters in special cases.
3. Carefully choose a flowmeter that conforms to DIN / ANSI standards. The actual diameter of the DIN / ANSI meter is not consistent
    with the inner diameter of the GB pipe. When the pipe being tested is a GB pipe, if a flow meter manufactured in accordance with
    the DIN / ANSI standard is used, it will encounter problems in installation and use. Only when the pipe is a DIN / ANSI pipe, a DIN /
   ANSI standard flow meter is used.
4. The standard material stainless steel 304 can be used in most conventional media, including some corrosive media and saturated steam,
    superheated steam. Non-special high-corrosive media do not need to use special materials, because the latter is expensive and has
    a long processing period.


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