How to choose a suitable Sewage flow meter

In the actual measurement process, we know that sewage measurement is also fluid measurement, but it is still different from other fluid medium measurement.
Specifically, the sewage measuring instrument we require must have the following characteristics: the sensor has a simple structure, no throttling device, no clogging, and is suitable for measuring various liquids containing solid particles, fibers and suspended solids. Considering the complexity of sewage liquid composition, sewage electromagnetic flowmeter must have a variety of wetted materials, Can be used to measure various corrosive liquids. The installation method of sewage flowmeter is basically similar to the installation requirements of general flowmeter. It can be installed horizontally, vertically, or inclined, but it must be able to measure the entire pipeline, and ensure that the measuring tube is filled with liquid and no air bubbles.
Because the measurement noise produced by the liquid containing air bubbles will seriously affect the accuracy of the measurement data. In order to ensure the performance of the sewage electromagnetic flowmeter in daily use, some details must be paid attention to in daily use. The sewage electromagnetic flowmeter is a high-precision instrument, and its details cannot be ignored.
The electromagnetic flowmeter is generated by the excitation line; the magnetic field generated by the circle works, so first of all, pay attention to avoid equipment that will affect the electromagnetic signal, that is, some strong magnetic fields of ferromagnetic objects, so as not to affect the normal application of the entire sensor, especially the entire sensor. Signals of working magnetic field and flow. If the surrounding magnetic field is too strong, it will affect the overall performance of the flowmeter.
Secondly, pay attention to a principle when using the sewage electromagnetic flowmeter daily, that is, try to install it in some ventilated places, but pay special attention not to be exposed to the sun and rain, otherwise it will easily cause its abnormal use and affect its normal performance. Be sure to pay attention,
 And try to make the entire sewage electromagnetic flowmeter have enough space, which is more conducive to detection and daily maintenance, which can be said to improve the utilization rate of the entire flowmeter.



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