How To Choose A Suitable Natural Gas Flow Meter

As a clean energy, natural gas has been used more and more. And its proportion in the energy 
structure has increased too. So natural gas flow measurement become more important. 

Recommended flow meters for natural gas flow measurement are: precession vortex flow meter,
gas turbine flow meter and gas roots flow meter.

Then how to choose a suitable natural gas flow meter from them?

1. Precession Vortex flow meter
   Economical option for natural gas flow measurement.
   With temperature and pressure compensation type, low requirement of Upstream and downstream straight pipe length.
   But the pressure loss is big, and more sensitive to pipeline vibration and electromagnetic interference.
   Suggest to use  in environments with low vibration and non electromagnetic interference. 

2. Gas Turbine Flow Meter
   Simple structure and easy installation, high accuracy, wide measurement range.
   The disadvantage is that due to high speed rotor rotation, the mechanical friction between bearing and shaft may influence 
   the working life. 
   Suggest to use lubrication to replenish regularly. And install strainer in front of the flow meter. 

3. Gas Roots Flow Meter
    High accuracy
    Suggest to install strainer in front of flow meter. 


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