How to choose a suitable location for thermal mass flow meter?

The disadvantage of thermal gas mass flow meter is that they cannot measure liquid or strong humidity gas. 

Therefore, if the probe rod hangs beads due to moisture in the air, the measurement results will have large errors and the data will be inaccurate.
Because compressed air contains water vapor, it is squeezed by the compressor to turn it into water droplets. If the flow is directly measured
without passing through the dryer, the water droplets will affect the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter.

Thermal mass flow meter adopt the heat transfer principle, it is used to measure gas, If there's larger specific heat capacity of water will take away
a large amount of heat from the thermal heating probe, which will seriously affect the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter. 

The compressed air used to measure the flow rate after passing through the dryer will greatly reduce the influence of water on the measurement results.


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