How to choose a electromagnetic flowmeter for sulfuric acid

 How to choose a electromagnetic flowmeter for sulfuric acid?

When choosing to use a flow meter, we usually pay attention to the selection and use of electromagnetic flowmeters. What are the specific methods? 
Q&T INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD, a manufacturer of sulphuric acid electromagnetic flowmeter.
1. Repeatability of the flow meter is better;
2. Total accuracy of the flow measurement system should be higher
3. Flow meter itself has a fairly strong flow adjustment capability, which requires a short straight pipe section without the need for a flow regulator;
4. Total pressure loss should be small and the energy consumption should be small;
5. Range ratio of flow measurement is wider;
6. Flow meter has a self-cleaning ability, which can measure dirty fluid without filter;
7. Flow meter itself has a strong ability to withstand fluid abrasion, and its performance must be stable and reliable for a long time.
8, Flow meter itself has no moving parts, the calibration cycle is longer, and the service life is longer;
9. The failure rate of the flow meter itself is small, and the maintenance and repair costs are small;
10. The purchase cost and calibration cost of the flowmeter should be moderate, and the installation and operation costs should be less.
Q&T Instrument has been producing electromagnetic flowmeters for many years. If you encounter any problems during the selection, installation, 

use and maintenance of electromagnetic flowmeters, you can contact Qingtian Instrument staff at any time and we will help you answer.


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