How to check when vortex flow meter output signal unstable?

 When user find that the output signal from vortex flow meter is unstable, need to check if there're below possibilities:
1) There is a strong electrical interference signal
2) The sensor is stained or damp, and the sensitivity is reduced
3) The sensor is damaged or the lead is not in contact
4) Two-phase flow or pulsating flow 
5) The impact of pipeline vibration
6) Unstable process
7) The sensor installation is not concentric or the gasket protrudes into the tube
8) Upstream and downstream valve disturbance
9) The pipe is not fully filled with fluid
10) The vortex generator has windings
11) There is cavitation phenomenon
If find any of the reason above, please follow below solution:
1) Strengthen shielding and grounding
2) Clean or replace the sensor
3) Check the sensor and lead
4) Strengthen process management and eliminate two phases
Flow or pulsating flow
5) Take measures to reduce vibration
6) Adjust the installation position
7) Check the installation and correct the inner diameter of the gasket
8) Lengthen straight pipe section or install adjuster
9) Installation location and method of replacing the sensor
10) Eliminate entanglement
11) Reduce the flow rate and increase the pressure in the pipe


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