How to check ultrasonic flow meter work normally or not


1.Check Window Menu M90 (Display signal strength, signal quality)

Signal strength means the reception signal strength between upstream and downstream.
We use 00.0~99.9 to show the relative signal strength. 00.0 means can not receive any signal.
99.9 means signal strength is the max.

Signal quality (Q) means the signal is well or not. We use 00~99 to show signal quality.
00 means signal quality is the worst, 99 means signal quality is the best.

Normally, signal strength is more, the measure value is more reliable.
Signal quality (Q) normally should be more than 50.0.

2.Check Window menu M91 (Time ratio)

Time Ratio means the percents between calculated transit time and the measured total transit time.
If the parameters are set correctly and the transducers are properly installed, it should be 100±3%.
Otherwise, should check the parameters and the transducer installation location again.

3.Check Window Menu M08 (working status)

Display “*R” means work normally.
Display “*I” means detect no signal. Need to check the wire connection of the transducer,and transducers are not installed properly.
Display “J” means hardware of the problem. Some hardware problem is temporary,please power off and then power on to check.
If can not solve it,contact with us asap.


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