How To Achieve Fast Installation For Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Q&T Ultrasonic flow meter including wall mounted type, portable type, handheld type and panel type etc. Most 
popular type is clamp on type sensors which do not have requirement of cutting off pipeline, just install on the surface
of the pipeline is ok. So the installtion for the clamp-on type sensors are very important. 

Steps to the installation of the transducers
(1)Locate an optimum position where the straight pipe length is sufficient, and where pipes are in a favorable condition, e.g., newer 
pipes with no rust and ease of operation.
(2)Clean any dust and rust. For a better result, polishing the pipe with a sander is strongly recommended.
(3)Apply adequate couplant to the spot where the transducers are to be installed and leave no gap between the pipe surface and the transducers.

Setting Menus:
(1)Pipe outer diameter
(2)Pipe wall thickness
(3)Pipe materials (for non-standard pipe materials*, the sound speed for the material must be configured too)
*Standard pipe materials and standard liquids refer to those with the sound parameters that have already been programmed into software of the 
flow meter, therefore there is no need to configure them
(4)Liner material and its sound speed and thickness, if there is any liner.
(5)Liquid type (for non-standard liquids, the sound speed of the liquid is also needed)
(6)Transducer type adapted to the flow meter. 
(7)Transducer mounting methods (the V-method or Z-method is the common option)
(8)Check up the Space displayed on M25 and install the transducers accordingly.
(9) Store the parameter setup


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