High Temperature Water Flow meter

 High Temperature Water Flow meter
High Temperature electromagnetic flow meter features:

1.Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability,
   reliable measurement, high precision
2.16-bit embedded microprocessor, fast calculation speed, high precision,
   programmable frequency low frequency rectangular wave excitation,
   improved flow measurement Stability, low power consumption;
3.High temperature hot water flow meter, hot water meter, hot water
   electromagnetic flow meter using SMD device and surface mount
   (SMT) technology, high circuit reliability;
4.There are no moving parts in the pipe, no flow blocking parts, and
   there is almost no additional pressure loss in the measurement;
  In the field, the range can be modified online according to the actual needs of the user;
5.The measurement results are independent of physical parameters such as flow velocity
   distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density, viscosity;
6.High-definition backlit LCD display, full Chinese menu operation, easy to use, easy to
    operate, easy to learn and understand;
7.Digital communication signal output such as RS485, RS232, Hart and Modbus;



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