Guided Wave Radar Level Gauge Installation Requirements

 Guided Wave Radar Level Gauge Installation Requirements
Guided Wave Radar Level Gauge Installation Requirements
1. Make sure that there is no interference body directly under the process connection;
2. Reserve enough installation space;
3. Avoid strong sunlight on the signal converter, if necessary, please install a protective cover;
4. Avoid installation occasions with strong vibration;
5. Multiple guided wave radar level gauges can be installed on the same container;
Guided wave radar level gauge installation guidance
1. Ensure that the cables or rods do not touch the internal obstacles in the entire range, so the installation in the tank should be avoided as much as possible during installation.
Such as: human ladder, limit switch, heating equipment, bracket, etc. Also note that cables or rods must not intersect the feed stream.
2. When installing guided wave radar level timing, please note: the highest material level must not enter the blind area of ​​the meter, 
and the meter must keep a certain distance from the tank wall.
Install the instrument as far as possible so that the transmitting direction of the antenna is perpendicular to the surface of the measured medium. 
Instruments installed in explosion-proof areas must comply with the national installation regulations for explosion-proof hazardous areas.
The shell of the explosion-proof instrument is made of die-cast aluminum. When an explosion-proof instrument is installed in an environment 
with explosion-proof requirements, the instrument must be connected to the ground.


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