Gas turbine flow meter troubleshooting

 Gas turbine flow meter troubleshooting

Gas turbine flow meter is the main type of impeller flowmeter. It consists of a sensor and a conversion display. The sensor uses a multi-blade rotor to sense the average flow velocity of the fluid to derive the flow or total amount.

Due to various factors, gas turbine flow meter still have some problems in the actual application process.

Common problems are as below:

1. No signal

2. Running speed slow and fast

3. Turbine flow meter does not count

4. Accuracy is reduced and the flow does not match the actual flow and so on.

The following suggestions can be made for the above problems:

(1) For the case of no signal, check the power supply first, check the power supply after checking the power supply, and judge whether it is a fault of the instrument or the secondary instrument. If there is no problem with the secondary instrument, check the signal line. If it is connected correctly, if there is still no signal output, it may be that the flow rate of the fluid is too slow or the sensor has a problem and the signal is not detected.

(2) For the case where the running speed is slow or fast, the speed can be controlled first by adjusting the meter factor. If the meter factor changes greatly, it can be checked whether the depth of the insertion rod is appropriate. In most cases, the impeller cannot be operated. Hydrochloric acid can be used to clean the dirt.

(3) For the case that the turbine flow meter is not counted, it may be caused by poor contact of the power supply or the switch. Therefore, check the internal components of the turbine flowmeter to check whether each component is faulty. If there is a fault, repair it in time or Replace parts.

(4) As the speed flowmeter increases with the running time, the internal bearing will wear gradually, which will easily cause the impeller to slow down, and the negative deviation of the metering will increase the phenomenon of less metering, especially for the measurement of large flow. Suggested ways to improve: Actively communicate with manufacturers and agents, carry out targeted maintenance or simply replace bearings regularly.

(5) Considering that in the specific production, the problem that the design flow does not match the actual flow is often encountered: either the design flow is too large, the starting flow is high, and the small flow cannot cause normal measurement or even measurement when the production is started. Before the meter is selected, it is necessary to fully grasp the load situation of the downstream gas unit and the gas equipment, taking into account the relevant influencing factors; at the same time, the meter should be adjusted accordingly with the change of the gas condition. These are also an important means of controlling the loss.

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