Gas turbine flow meter trouble shoot

 Gas turbine flow meter trouble shoot

Gas turbine flowmeters will inevitably encounter some common faults during use. For these faults, the flowmeter manufacturer Q & T Instrument will make common faults and solutions for you.

Trouble phenomenon 1: There is flow, but the instantaneous flow of the gas turbine flowmeter is zero.

Failure analysis and solutions:

1. Wiring error, check the gas turbine flowmeter wiring.

2. The internal parameters of the gas turbine flowmeter have been modified. Please check the instrument parameters in accordance with the verification certificate.

3. The signal acquisition coil is damaged, which affects the signal transmission. Even if there is traffic, the signal cannot be transmitted to the converter. Use a magnetic screwdriver to slide the outer wall of the signal acquisition coil. If there is still no flow display, the signal acquisition coil is damaged.

4. The medium is too dirty and the filter is blocked.

5. The impeller may be stuck, please check the impeller.

Trouble phenomenon 2: When the gas turbine flowmeter has no flow through, the meter has an instantaneous flow display.

Failure analysis and solutions: 

1. There is severe vibration in the pipeline, it is recommended to add vibration reduction measures.

2. The flowmeter is not well grounded, please check the grounding.

3. There are magnetic field interferences on site, such as inverters, motors, solenoid valves, etc. (The 50Hz power frequency interference on site may affect the use of the instrument to a certain extent. The calculation of power frequency interference Q=3600k f/k, f=50Hz ,k=The coefficient of the instrument. Through calculation, it can be judged whether the instrument has power frequency interference). If it exists, it is recommended to change the installation location.

4. The pipe stop valve of the flowmeter is not completely closed, check the valve.

Trouble phenomenon 3: The gas turbine flowmeter measures normally, but the measured value is inaccurate.

Failure analysis and solutions:

1. There is a problem with the internal parameters of the flowmeter. Please check the instrument parameters according to the verification certificate.

2. The gauge pressure display is abnormal, please check the pipeline pressure.

3. If there is a problem with the flowmeter movement, remove the meter and blow the impeller with the mouth, and it should operate normally. If it is damaged, it is recommended to contact Q & T Instrument Co., Ltd.

Fault phenomenon 4: The gas turbine flowmeter measures normally, the on-site liquid crystal display is normal, and the flowmeter current output is incorrect.

Failure analysis and solutions:

1. Check the on-line value in the flowmeter parameters to check whether the meter range is the same as the upper limit of the range marked on the meter nameplate. (The temperature and pressure compensation type is the upper limit value of the transmission)

2. The flowmeter current output chip is damaged.


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