Gas turbine flow meter trouble shoot

 Gas turbine flow meter trouble shoot & maintenance

Due to the influence of various factors, there are still some problems in the actual application of the gas turbine flow meter.

Common problems are:

1. No signal;

2. The running speed is slow and fast;

3. The turbine flow meter does not count;

4. The accuracy is reduced and the flow does not match the actual flow.

In response to the above problems, the following suggestions can be made:


(1) Check the power supply first if there is no signal, check the turbine flow meter itself after the power supply is ok, and judge whether it is the failure of the primary meter or the secondary meter. If there is no problem with the secondary meter, check the signal line Whether the connection is correct, if there is still no signal output, it is also possible that the flow rate of the fluid is too slow or there is a problem with the sensor and the signal cannot be detected.

(2) For the situation that the running speed is suddenly slow and fast, the speed can be controlled by adjusting the meter coefficient. If the meter coefficient changes greatly, you can also check whether the depth of the insertion rod is appropriate. In most cases, the impeller cannot run and the flowmeter Containing dirt inside can use hydrochloric acid to clean the dirt.

(3) The non-counting situation of the turbine flow meter may be caused by the poor connection of the power supply or the switch. Therefore, the internal components of the turbine flow meter should be checked to check whether each component is malfunctioning. If a malfunction occurs, repair or repair in time and replace the parts accordingly.

(4) As a speed flow meter, the internal bearing will gradually wear out with the increase of running time, which will easily cause the impeller speed to slow down, and the negative measurement deviation will increase, which will cause the phenomenon of less measurement. The impact on the measurement of large flow is particularly prominent. Suggested ways to improve: actively communicate with manufacturers and agents, carry out targeted maintenance or simply replace bearings regularly.

(5) Considering that in specific production, the problem of mismatch between the design flow and the actual flow is often encountered: either the design flow is too large, the initial flow is high, and the small flow after the production is not normal or even non-metering. , It is necessary to fully grasp the load conditions of downstream gas-consuming units and gas-using equipment before instrument selection, taking into account related influencing factors; at the same time, the meter should be adjusted accordingly as the gas consumption changes during operation. These are also an important means of controlling the loss.

Gas turbine flowmeter maintenance work

In order to ensure the long-term normal operation of the gas turbine flow meter, the operating status of the flow meter must be checked frequently, and maintenance work should be done to eliminate problems in time.

1. Before the flowmeter is put into operation, the meter coefficient must be set first, and the power can be sent after careful inspection to make sure that the flow meter wiring is correct and grounded.

2. Regularly clean, check and recalibrate the flow meter. For flow meter equipped with lubricating oil or cleaning liquid injection ports, lubricating oil or cleaning liquid should be injected regularly according to the requirements of the manual to maintain the good operation of the impeller.

3. Supervise and display the status of the meter, and check if there is any abnormality in the reading of the evaluation display meter.

4. Keep the filter unblocked. The filter is blocked by impurities, which can be judged from the increase in the pressure gauge reading at the inlet and outlet. The blockage should be removed in time, otherwise the flow rate will be seriously reduced.

5. For large flow trade settlement measurement, in order to ensure the accuracy of the flow meter, the flow meter must be calibrated frequently. The site should be equipped with online calibration equipment, or equipped with a movable calibration device. Although the one-time investment is relatively large, it is worth considering the long-term economic benefits.




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