Five points requirements of using precession vortex flow meter

 Five points requirements of using precession vortex flow meter

Precession vortex flow meter is a kind of measuring instrument for natural gas and liquid, and it is more and more popular among our clients right now, we have five points of using the precession vortex flow meter correctly, here pls check below five points:

1. Choose the right model:
User need choose flow sensor specification and matched component, one guarantee accuracy, second is guarantee safety production, we need to make clear below parameters: max flow rate, min flow rate and normal flow rate, tested medium design pressure, working pressure.

2. Carry out the calibration before application:
If the flow meter is used for business settle, then we need do the calibration for each set before leave factory. Each one of our flow meter before leave factory will carry out calibration.

3. Make sure the well installation:
Make sure the flow meter installation should avoid the vibration or high temperature enviornment, or away from interference, make sure the flow sensor front & rear straight pipeline inner wall is smooth.

4. Management: 
After well install the flow meter, the user need keep eyes on it and manage it well, in order to make sure the flow meter work stable with good accuracy, and carry out the system calibration, record the flow converter data at regular interval,change the medium parameter and flow meter k factor etc.

5. Internal maintenance:
Due to the gas may not clean, user need to clean the flow sensor and check its performance regularly, one thing need to mention, for same specification flow sensor, the swirl generator, flow guider should not change, or it need recalibrated the flow meter and temperature and pressure sensor. 


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