electronics turbine flowmeter

electronics turbine flowmeter

The model designed can be used in conjunction with output module, sensor and remote transmitter.Good repeatability and strong stability, unique LCD (LCD)count, you can reset the 5 bit (9999.9) single oil volume, a cumulative total of 6 bits are not cleared. The accuracy ofthe positive and the negative is less than or equal to 1%the repeatability error of less than 2% units of measurement for (/L, /GAL /QTS a gallon, quart, pint (PTS)switch freely is the rise in domestic basic, easy to use), two keys (CALIBRATE DISPLAY) with the use of simple and easy to operate!

Noted: it only can measure diesel oil,gasolene,carbinol and other liquid



Inlet & Outlet: BSPT/NPT (Female); Existing size: ;1" ;1.5";

Flow Range:  1":10-120L/Min,  1.5": 10-380L/Min

Accuracy:  1":+-1%, 1.5":+-0.5%;


Pressure rating:300PSI/21bar;

Working Tempreture:-40C ---- +121C

Body material: Aluminum;

Sizes: 1":105*55*60mm L*W*H ,  1.5":135*70*75mm L*W*H


Shaft:Tungsten Carbide;

Turbine Flowmeter:Low-cost,High-precision,Durable & Compact

The internal components are easy to replace, easy maintenance


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