Electromagnetic Flowmeter Installation Requirements

 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Installation Requirements
1.The sensor should be installed in a dry and ventilated place,avoid dampness and water-soaking places, and at the same time try to avoid direct sunlight and rain.
(1) Avoid installing in places where the ambient temperature is too high as much as possible. 
   An electromagnetic measuring instrument with a body structure also has a lower ambient temperature than an electronic measuring instrument.
  The pipeline where the sensor is installed should have no strong leakage current, 
  and should be as far away as possible from equipment with strong electromagnetic fields, 
  such as large electromechanical equipment, large transformers, etc., to avoid electromagnetic field interference;
(2) The pipeline or the ground where the sensor is installed should not produce strong vibration
(3) The place where the sensor is installed should take into account the on-site maintenance of the staff.
2. Selection of the installation environment of the electromagnetic converter.
(1) The converter is used as an on-site installation instrument for on-site indication, and its installation location should generally be selected:
(2) The ambient temperature range is -10~45℃;
(3) Air with a relative humidity above 85%;
(4) The converter should be installed indoors as far as possible. When installed outdoors, sun protection and sun protection measures should also be taken.


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