Electromagnetic flowmeter Installation and Requirements

 Electromagnetic flowmeter Installation and Requirements
The requirements of electromagnetic flowmeter for external environment
1. Electromagnetic flowmeter should not be installed in places where the temperature changes greatly or
   is subject to high-temperature radiation from the equipment. If it must be installed, it must be installed with heat insulation and ventilation measures.
2. Electromagnetic flowmeter is best to be installed indoors. If it must be installed outdoors, it should be protected from rain, flooded water and sun exposure, 
and moisture-proof and sun-proof measures must be taken.
3. Electromagnetic flowmeter should be avoided to be installed in an environment containing corrosive gas. When it must be installed, ventilation measures must be taken.
4. For the convenience of installation, maintenance and maintenance, ample installation space is required around the flowmeter.
5. Electromagnetic flowmeter installation site should avoid strong magnetic fields and strong vibration sources. If the pipeline vibration is large, there should 
be fixed pipeline supports on both sides of the flowmeter.


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