Small domestic Ultrasonic BTU meter

Ultrasonic BTU meter

Ultrasonic BTU meter is the best measuring instrument for various kinds of liquids with flow and heat data, which is become more and more popular among most of clients right now.

We just export some pieces ultrasonic BTU meter to new market, and get the good feedback from clients,

The ultrasonic BTU meter advantages as below:

1. Low comprehensive cost: no mechanical impeller rotation, no mechanical wear, low cost of later use and maintenance,

The service life is much longer than the mechanical heat meter;

2. Good measurement reliability: the small impurities passing through the front filter of the heat meter will not affect the accurate measurement of the ultrasonic heat meter;

3. Less measurement disputes: When the ultrasonic heat meter is used, it does not block, does not wear, and is accurate in measurement, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the heat metering work;

4. Convenient maintenance: Ultrasonic heat meters are basically maintenance-free products.

Except the domestic ultrasonic BTU meter, we also have non-intrusive clamp on temperature sensor and flow sensor ultrasonic BTU meter, and the electromagnetic BTU meter, etc, feel free to contact for further more info.



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