Difference Between Ultrasonic Flow Meter and Ultrasonic Water Meter

Difference Between Ultrasonic Flow Meter and Ultrasonic Water MeterUltrasonic flow

meter is a non-contact instrument, it can not only measure the flow of large pipe diameter medium, but also can be used to measure the medium that is not easy to contact and observe. Its measurement accuracy is very high, and it is almost free from the interference of various parameters of the measured medium. It can especially solve the flow measurement problems of strong corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive and flammable and explosive media that other instruments cannot.

The output communication function of the ultrasonic water meter is complete, meeting all kinds of communication and wireless networking requirements. It has excellent small flow detection capabilities, can solve many traditional water meter problems, is more suitable for water fee gradient charging, and is more suitable for water resource saving and rational use, and has a broad market and application prospects.

The medium of ultrasonic flow meter can be water, chemical liquids, petroleum, alcohol and other fluids. However, ultrasonic water meters are only used for water.

There are two main forms of lightning: one is the discharge between different charged clouds, and the other is the discharge from the cloud to the ground. The latter is the main source of lightning damage. Direct lightning, lightning electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction are the main causes of instrument damage. factor. The purpose of instrument lightning protection is not to avoid lightning strikes, but to protect the instrument from being damaged by lightning strikes.

When designing electromagnetic flowmeter products, the manufacturer considered certain protective measures for the lightning protection and anti-interference of the flowmeter system. For example, the power supply part is equipped with transient suppression diodes or discharge tubes; the power supply and signal input/output are electrically isolated; the digital communication interface adopts anti-lightning devices; the signal connection cable between the sensor and the converter adopts triple shielding; the flowmeter is required The system is well grounded, etc. However, in areas with frequent and intense lightning, users should take further measures:

A 1:1 transformer and a lightning arrester are added to the power input terminal to prevent the power supply from being broken down.

Install a lightning arrester in the signal analog output part.

The flowmeter system must be well grounded, and ensure that the wetted ground is well connected to the earth to avoid the lightning current conducted by the pipeline and the fluid medium from flowing through the meter body.


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