Daily maintenance and repair of electromagnetic flowmeter

Daily maintenance and repair of electromagnetic flowmeter

 1. Comprehensive inspection of electromagnetic flowmeter

Visual inspection, converter characteristic test, measurement value calibration,
measuring voltage of each part, measuring insulation resistance, confirming circuit, etc.;
it is very important to check the zero drift and adjust the zero point. Online inspections
often omit inspections that include sensor operation, and only implement calibration of the
converters to compare online inspection results with historical data to determine whether
the instrument continues to be used, patched, or updated.
2, the whole machine zero check machine zero check technical requirements:

flow sensor measuring tube is full of liquid and no flow, many companies give up
the zero check and adjustment of the whole machine because the site does not have
the conditions, but can turn to the converter Separate zero check and adjustment. Technically,
this must be practical after the sensor has been checked and the insulation resistance of the
sensor excitation circuit and signal circuit is normal (both cables are included), otherwise the
whole machine will not operate normally. Usually, the zero point of the converter is negative and
the value is small. If the absolute value is greater than 5% of the full scale, it needs to be checked first,
and then the adjustment is made after confirming the cause. Usually, the zero point of the
electromagnetic flowmeter and the individual zero difference of the converter are less than 1%.
There are many cases where the zero difference value is greater than 5% due to the user's\
incorrect zero adjustment when the pipeline valve is closed.


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