customized length insert type thermal mass gas flow meter


 Customized length insert type thermal mass gas flow meter

Customized length thermal mass gas flow meter advantage

Easily installation, simple maintance,bidirection testing,aniti vibration 

Wide flow ration 100:1 

Large diameter small flow rate measurement , can be used for  leak dection 

can measure the mass flow directly,no need temperature and pressure compensation 

Thermal mass gas flowmeter technical datasheet 

Measuring medium : various of gased (except the acetylene )

pipe size DN10-DN4000mm 

velocity :0.1-100nm/s 

Output : 4-20mA & Pulse& and hart 

Body material can be 304 ,  special  can be 316 body 

Q&T instrument   not onlyl provide the  flow meter , gas flow meter & level meter & calibration deivice , but also we can provide the detail scheme   .

due to we always believe that " close to the customer is the key to sucess " 



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